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About John Daub

August 2022 (50 years old). Gym lighting is best lighting.

Be Strong

I want you to be strong

Strong of body. Strong of mind. Strong of will. Strong of soul.

Software Profession

I’ve been developing software since I learned how to write BASIC on my Apple IIe – a joyful summer of my youth that was! Curious hobbyist turned professional in 1996. From Metrowerks Tech Support, PowerPlant, Mac OS X (Rhapsody), StuffIt!, Spring Cleaning, 3G/4G/WiMAX USB Dongles, white label production, VICE Lipstick & early AR, Traeger WiFire, Big Nerd Ranch. macOS and iOS Developer. Architect. Principal. Director. Consultant.

Firearms Profession

Senior Assistant Lead Instructor at KR Training since 2009. Rangemaster Certified Master Instructor, Force Science Analyst, MAG Deadly Force Instructor, OC Instructor, TX LTC Instructor, NRA Instructor. Light Pin, Purple Patch. Presenter, Rangemaster Tactical Conference. Co-author Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training with Karl Rehn. Author Drills, Qualifications, Standards, & Tests, a free eBook.

My Story

A glimpse of me

I am a husband; father; teacher and mentor; Founder & CEO Hsoi Enterprises LLC; Software Professional (Developer, Architect, Principal, Director); firearms training instructor (Senior Assistant Lead Instructor, KR Training); author; small-L libertarian; I used to lift weights… I still lift weights, but I used to too; former martial arts student; baptized Presbyterian, living in a Roman Catholic household; Texan by choice; long-haired metalhead, with occasional hippie tendencies (e.g. I prefer bare feet to Doc Martins); I want to get back to fishing more; hunting is cool; a bit of fine bourbon or scotch with family and friends is always good; I’m boring; I wake up early, lift weights, eat, work the day job, eat, spend time with family, eat, sleep, every so often teach firearms stuff, lather rinse repeat; Korean, German, Scotts-Irish.

But in the end? I’m just some guy.

I don’t consider myself anyone special, and my self-esteem is fine.

Views expressed here in posts authored by me are my own; they should reflect on no one but myself. Your comments and behavior reflect on you.

I’m not one for bullshit. I do my best to not bullshit people, I don’t like to be bullshitted, and I generally don’t put up with bullshit. Life’s too short for games and bullshit. Be honest and straight with people.

I spent a number of years working at Big Nerd Ranch. The BNR Core Values: brilliant (and curious), hard-working (and accountable), kind (and authentic) are excellent, and I strongly identify with those traits and the values they embody.

Any reviews of services or products are my own opinion based upon my experiences up to that time. I receive no compensation, free product samples, favors, etc. in exchange for whatever I write. If however I do, I’ll be up front about it.