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John Daub

Firearms Profession

Who I am


My name is John Daub, and I’ve been a professional firearms instructor since 2009 working with KR Training as Senior Assistant Lead Instructor alongside KR Training founder Karl Rehn.

Me and Karl Rehn, at KR Training’s A-Zone Range, October 2021
Rangemaster Master Instructor Class; November 2019; Revolver qual shootoff with Weems, Daub, and Labonte (W).
Tom Givens and me, Dallas Pistol Club, TacCon22 (March 2022)


Strategies and Standards

In 2019 (and updated in 2023), Karl Rehn and I published Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training. It is recognized for it’s deep exploration into topics such as: beyond the 1%, minimum competency for defensive pistol, target development, metrics and how to perform your own measurements, and drills that you can use to measure, assess, and improve your own performance. Available on Amazon (including Kindle), with autographed copies available direct from KR Training.

My eBook Drills, Qualifications, Standards, & Tests is a FREE download from the KR Training website. Over 100 pages of drills, qualifications, standards, and tests to support your growth as you work to improve your skill. It also includes my expanding and evolving thought into Minimum Competency, including the Minimum Competency Assessment. If you shoot it, let me know how you do.

Chris Cypert, me, and K.A. Clark, Rangemaster Defensive Revolver, KR Training, April 2021
Tim Reedy, me, CM at Brian Hill’s Pistol Proficiency hosted by Tim Reedy, Bandera, TX,  Feb 2021
Me and Michael Labonte, Rangemaster Instructor Reunion, KR Training, May 2019

Boring Stuff

Certifications, awards, etc.

  • Rangemaster certified Master Instructor
  • Force Science Analyst (Force Science Institute)
  • Deadly Force Instructor (Massad Ayoob Group) & MAG-40 graduate
  • Texas DPS Certified License to Carry Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor (Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, NRA CCW Instructor, Range Safety Officer)
  • Image Based Decisional Drills Certified Instructor
  • OC Instructor under Chuck Haggard of Agile T&C
  • Cornered Cat Instructor Development
  • DTI Instructor development
  • Texas DPS School Safety trained
  • Light Pin, Gabe White Training
  • Complete Combatant Purple patch
  • First Person Safety patch
  • Sig Sauer P365 Armorer
  • As of 2022, over 1000 hours of training in firearms, unarmed, medical, legal, tactics, vehicle from instructors such as: Karl Rehn, Tom Givens, Craig Douglas, Claude Werner, Caleb Causey, Chuck Rives, Massad Ayoob, William Aprill, Paul Howe, Kathy Jackson, Cecil Burch, Kerry Davis, Marty Hayes, Spencer Keepers, John Johnston, Melody Lauer, Hock Hochheim, John Murphy, Lee Weems, Tiffany Johnson, Aqil Qadir, Greg Hamilton, Gabe White, Chuck Haggard, Dr. William Lewinski, John Hearne, Brian Hill, Sean Hoffman, Tatiana Whitlock, Andrew Branca, Jeff Gonzales, Greg Ellifritz, John & Vicki Farnam, Dr. James S. Williams, Dr. Ben Weger, Tim Reedy, Doug Greig, Chris Cypert, John Holschen, Jon & Sarah Hauptman, Wayne Dobbs, Erick Gelhaus
  • Holder of a black belt in a semi-useless but sentimental martial art
  • NRA Benefactor Life Member, TSRA Benefactor Life Member, 2AF Life Member, GOA Life Member, FPC donor, USPSA Life Member
  • Presenter/Instructor Rangemaster Tactical Conference (2021, 2022, 2023)
Karl Rehn and John Daub being coached by Claude Werner, KR Training, May 2013
John Daub, Dave Reichek, Tracy Thronburg, Sean Hoffman (R.I.P.), KR Training instructor Christmas lunch, County Line BBQ, Austin, December 2019
Ed Vinyard, me, Tracy Thronburg, Greg Howard, Rangemaster Defensive Revolver, KR Training, April 2021

Social Stuff